Loocid Smart Guide

Loocid Smart Guide delivers better care and better value with drastically reduced costs and ease-of-use. Using prefabricated frames and small chairside-printed inserts allow the Loocid Smart Guide to be ready for guided surgery in as little as 30 minutes.


Smart Guide Workflow

Unique Attributes and Benefits

Cost Effective
Patented system radically reduces costs per surgical guide to below $100 - low enough to make guided surgery for single-tooth implants cost effective.

Smart Workflow: Only CBCTs Required!
Elimintaes the intraoral impression, dental model, and optical scanning bottle-necks, opening up guided surgery to the mass market.

Small Loocid drill guide inserts can be produced in the dental office within 20-30 minutes with small 3D printers or milling machines - or by dental laboratories and professional 3D printing companies.

Very high accuracy and quality control due to specialized, patented geometry.

Substantial Research Background
Award winning research and studies have proved that the Loocid Smart Guide is a superior concept.

Protected by Multiple Patents!

rendered smart guides
3d insert