Loocid BCP™
Loocid BCP™
Loocid BCP™
Loocid BCP™

Loocid BCP™

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Individual bits come in packs of five (5)

The Loocid BCP™ innovative drill bit was conceived to help ensure dental implant success and recovery.

Clinical reports show that a successful healing period of 3-4 weeks after the placement of dental implants is critical to osseo-integration and mitigation of complications like decreased implant stability or implant failure. The surgical trauma after implant bed preparation can result in bone resorption and remodeling.

Loocid BCP™ minimizes trauma in this area to increase the likelihood of successful, stable implants.

For questions, bulk inquiries, or customized options, please use the contact form below.

Note: Bulk orders take around 8-12 weeks for development, manufacturing and shipping. 

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