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Dr. Marcus Abboud

Dr. Abboud has authored over 60 publications, research articles and book chapters. He has lectured extensively on CAD/CAM technology, digital dentistry, implantology, bone grafting, guided surgery and CBCT/CT diagnostic imaging and has been involved in research for over 18 years. He holds multiple patents, being used in various countries, which provide new solutions for dentistry.


Professional Enthusiasm

Minimizing bone cell trauma during implant osteotomy preparation should always be the first step to patient case success.

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Gary Orentlicher DMD
White Plains Hospital Medical Center, New York, USA

A minimally traumatic osteotomy
that controls the temperature leaves
a maximum of healthy bone cells
behind, promoting bone healing and

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Sinead McEnhill, BDS, MSc
Belmore Dental Implant & Facial Clinic, Ireland

I like the idea of a drill bit finally controlling the temperature supporting healthy bone surrounding the implant. Less resorption and remodeling results in smoother and accelerated healing.

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Author's nameDr. Fazzela Khan-Osborne, BDS, MSc
One To One Dental Clinic, London, United Kingdom

I am only using the Loocid BCP™ drill bit. My patients show significantly less pain after surgery creating a highly positive patient experience.

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Dr. Stephan Lütchens, DMD
Elbweiss Dental Clinic, Hamburg, Germany

Patient Satisfaction

My oral surgeon placed an implant
using the new Loocid BCPTM drill bit. It was a very fast and painless procedure. I was even able to play tennis shortly after surgery.

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I am so happy to have no pain or
swellings after 6 implants have
been placed. The clinician placed a
fixed temporary restoration on the
implants right after surgery, so that I
am fully aesthetically and functionally restored.

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My first pain free implant placement!
I am glad my surgeon used the Loocid BCP drill bits.

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My implant healed perfectly and after 6 weeks I already received my final crown.

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