Bone Drilling

Surgical Implant Drill Bits designed with patented* technology for thermal control

Safety Advantages
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Healthier bone for bone grafting
Radical Closeup

Reduced Thermal Trauma

Loocid BCP™ Standard Drill

Loocid BCP™ Standard shows significantly lower temperatures in in-vitro studies compared to conventional pilot drills. A mild temperature increase, without bone cell damage, can activate the bone formation process.

Non-Loocid Conventional Drill

A pilot drill can generate excessive heat during implant bed preparation. Temperatures over 70 °C create immediately evident bone cell death. Over a period of weeks, a wider zone of necrotic bone develops around the implant which can prevent proper bone healing and can impede osseointegration.

Efficiency Advantages
  • 1-Drill protocol reduces drilling time by up to 10 minutes
  • Increase implant stability
  • Bone cell protection allowing for faster time to tooth
  • Shorter drilling protocol means less stock of items needed
Loocid Bit Detail Image
drill bit detail

Loocid BCP™ NBR

Customized for Nobel Biocare® products

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Customized for Nobel Biocare® products

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Loocid BCP™ SBX

Customized for Straumann® products

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* patent pending