Loocid BCP™ Implant

Loocid BCP™ Implant technology can be integrated into any innovative implant systems.

Quattrocone Implant System

The Quattrocone 30 implant is like no other system on the market with unique, patented features that enhance the clinical procedure and improve the patient experience. It supports the clinician by achieving high primary stability that is required for advanced treatments like immediate implant placement or immediate function. The QuattroCone 30 implant has a highly unique design that is targeting one of the fastest growing segments of dental implant therapy today: The "All-on-X" concept.

It is the only implant system that is specifically designed for the All-on-X application and angulated implant placement in general. Pretty much every implant placed in the anterior maxilla needs to be placed angulated due to the existing bone volume. Many times in the posterior lower jaw or the posterior upper jaw clinicians are facing the same hurdle. Due to the unique, patented macro-thread design of the implant body, angulated implant placement is a very safe and predictable procedure as the thread design is optimized for this application.

Loocid Implant In situ


The unique macro-thread design and the patented slanted implant shoulder that creates a flush seal with the bone are ideally situated for angulated placement. In combination with the root shaped, tapered implant body creating high primary stability, the self-cutting macro-threads and the ideal force distribution this newly designed implant is ideal for the angulated insertion and the All-on-X concept.