Loocid BCP™ Standard

Developed to Benefit Implants

The Loocid BCP innovative drill bit design was initiated based on clinical reports showing that after placement of dental implants a critical healing period of 3-4 weeks exists. In this period, decreased implant stability, potential complications, and even failures have been reported. Surgical trauma, after implant bed preparation, results in bone resorption and remodeling that may affect healing times and osseointegration. This can be a significant problem when advanced treatment protocols, such as immediate function or immediate loading, are used.

Based on these clinical findings, the Loocid BCP technology was developed featuring bone cell protection paired with high clinical efficiency.

The clinical goal of Loocid BCP is a high level of implant stability through minimizing trauma and maximizing efficiency for every implant osteotomy.

BCP Drill bit
Loocid BCP™ Standard Drill

Loocid BCP™ Standard shows significantly lower temperatures in in-vitro studies compared to conventional pilot drills. A mild temperature increase, without bone cell damage, can activate the bone formation process.

Non-Loocid Conventional Drill

A pilot drill can generate excessive heat during implant bed preparation. Temperatures over 70 °C create immediately evident bone cell death. Over a period of weeks, a wider zone of necrotic bone develops around the implant which can prevent proper bone healing and can impede osseointegration.

Efficiency Advantages

Small cutting tip for an efficient & easy start without chatter and vibration.

Multiple level cutting edges provide smooth and effortless drilling.

Efficient and precise osteotomies with reduced drilling protocol.

The 1-Drill Protocol™ results in optimized osteotomies when compared to conventional sequential drilling techniques.

High primary stability. With the Loocid 1-Drill Protocol™, implant stability is increased up to two fold.

drill bit detail
Loocid Bit Detail Image