Loocid BCP™ Radical

Developed for Clinical Efficiency!

BCP Radical Bit
Loocid BCP™ Radical
BCP Radical Bit
Loocid BCP™ Radical with Stop

The innovative Loocid BCP™ Radical drill bit was designed to create the highest clinical efficiency paired with a safe osteotomy procedure.

The clinical goal of Loocid BCP™ Radical is a high level of primary and transient implant stability through minimizing trauma and the highest level of clinical efficiency for every implant osteotomy.

The development of the BCP drill bits was initiated based on clinical reports showing that after placement of dental implants a critical healing period of 3-4 weeks exist. Surgical trauma, after implant bed preparation, results in bone resorption and remodeling that may affect osseointegration. This can be a significant problem when advanced treatment protocols, such as immediate function or immediate loading, are used.

Based on these clinical findings, the Loocid BCP™ Radical technology was developed featuring bone cell protection paired with excellent clinical efficiency.

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Efficient Technology

Excellent bone cutting ability due to multiple cutting steps and an increased spiral angle.

Large flute space supports efficient bone cutting and quickly evacuates bone chips.

Lowering friction results in lower temperatures in surrounding bone.

In-vitro and in-vivo studies document the importance of maintaining thermal control and lowering temperature in bone preparation procedures.

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Efficiency and Speed

1-Drill Protocol™

Complete implant bed preparation in 8-12 seconds with only one Loocid BCP™ drill bit


2 (or more)-Drill Protocol™

A narrow diameter Loocid BCP™ drill as the starter, followed by the final drill bit of preferred implant system


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